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NJ Soft

Unleashing the Power of AI: Can it Generate an Abundance of Unique Content?

Unleashing the Power of AI: Can it Generate an Abundance of Unique Content? - NJ Soft Australia

Hi, guys!

Let's explore whether AI can be used to create SEO texts. Although there is no need to discuss it, you can go and check it out. That's what I did some time ago, having made sure that AI can generate good texts on absolutely different topics. It seems that copywriters will really soon be out of work, I thought, and put this idea aside until better times.

And that time came and I went back to AI with a request to create 10 texts for the website of a service company. In response, I received 10 almost identical texts created according to the same structure. And if we imagine that we need not 10, but 100 or even 1000 texts, then without a copywriter's involvement they will all be dull and boring and very similar to each other. It seems that it is time to hire copywriters again?

And here are main lifehacks for the unique texts offered by AI itself:

  • Combine different prompts: Instead of relying on a single prompt, try using multiple prompts or questions to guide the conversation with AI. Each prompt can provide a unique angle or focus, leading to diverse and original responses.
  • Use unconventional or hypothetical scenarios: Present unconventional or hypothetical scenarios to AI and ask it to respond accordingly. This challenges the model to think creatively and generates content that diverges from predictable patterns.
  • Encourage the model to think critically: Pose questions that require critical thinking or ask for the model's opinions on controversial topics. This prompts AI to offer unique perspectives and thoughtful insights.

«Remember, while AI can provide valuable insights and suggestions, the final responsibility for creating unique content rests with you. Infuse your expertise, creativity, and critical thinking into the process to truly make the content your own.» — here's what AI itself says.

Other lifehacks from AI are aimed precisely at collaboration:

  • Collaborate with the model: Instead of treating AI as a standalone content creator, engage in a collaborative approach. Treat its responses as suggestions and build upon them with your own creativity and expertise to enhance uniqueness.
  • Integrate current trends or events: Incorporate references to current events, trends, or popular culture within the conversation. This makes the content timely and relevant, giving it a unique flavor that resonates with the audience.
  • Experiment with wordplay and metaphors: Incorporate wordplay, metaphors, or analogies within the conversation. These creative linguistic devices can make the generated content more memorable, unique, and engaging.
  • Inject humor or wit: Introduce humor, wit, or clever wordplay during the conversation. This adds a unique and entertaining element to the content, making it more memorable and shareable.
  • Review and refine generated content: Always review and refine the output generated by AI. Edit, rephrase, and restructure the content to add your own voice, improve clarity, and enhance uniqueness.
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