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Web Design Services

Custom and Template based Web Design

What should an effective website be like now? Adaptive? Of course, since a large percent of traffic will be interacting with it from mobile devices. User-friendly? Absolutely, since this will determine not only conversion rates, but also success in SEO promotion. Fast? Definitely, because some of your customers may finish working with the site without waiting for a long loading time. Interactive? Here comments are superfluous, because who likes boring Internet?

And what will be the approach to creating a web site - depends on the stage of business development, as well as on the request of your marketers. If your project is at the initial stage and you can work with template websites - there is no point in allocating time and money for custom development. However, if your project is demanding for marketing communications, you need a certain tone of voice or you want to convey an exclusive atmosphere, then your way lies through custom web design.

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