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Frameworksand CMS

Professional framework and CMS website development.
  • Symfony Symfony
  • Laravel Laravel
  • Yii Yii
  • Zend Zend
  • Codegniter Codegniter

Custom Development based on CMS or Framework

Today, the development of a web site can be realized both with the help of a constructor and ordering the development using CMS or framework. Based on the peculiarities of your project, we will help you navigate through all the technological diversity and choose the best solution for you.

For the development of most corporate websites or personal websites of experts, a solution based on CMS Wordpress is suitable. Constructors like Webflow are good if you want to quickly solve marketing tasks and spend less time on maintenance of these solutions. Framework programming is ideal for developing a web application or a complex website with a personal account or custom integrations. We recommend using Symfony framework for custom web application development.

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